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Web Hosting Services

The world wide web has become mainstream now, and like a thousand others, Autograph Systems offers web hosting. We offer high speed web hosting on our own servers, right here in Tioga County. Unlike our competition, we do not "broker" your website and send it off to service providers outside the area. Visit our web hosting services page for additional information.

Helix Database Development

Autograph Systems is a longtime Helix developer. Helix is a relational database program that allows you to integrate your company’s data in straightforward ways, or in ways you might not have imagined. Helix integrates document management which allows you to automate the routing, tracking, and storage of the documents you work on. If your company needs an easy to use database with the flexibility to grow along with your needs, Helix is the answer, and Autograph Systems can provide the means of reaching it.

Helix 5.0 and later support Helix Client connections via TCP/IP, meaning that virtually anybody with a Macintosh and a connection to the internet can be set up to log in to your database. Because of the inherent security issues and the lack of a permanent internet connection, you may think you are not able to take advantage of this capability. Autograph Systems is pleased to offer a ‘Helix server farm’. Your Helix server can be housed in our secure location where you have onsite support staff that is able to help you make your remote access available only to those you want to let in. We can also assist you in connecting your Helix database to the web through our Helix Scripting software. Contact us to discuss capabilities and rates.

Note: In 1999 Helix Technologies of Prospect Heights, Illinois (Chicago area) was sold to The Chip Merchant, which subsequently went out of business in 2004. At that time Helix was purchased by QSA ToolWorks, LLC, and Matthew Strange (principal of Autograph Systems) was given a minor ownership stake in the new company. Matt is also involved in the day to day operations of QSA ToolWorks.

For historical purposes, the original Helix Technologies website, developed by Steve Keller, is archived here.

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