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Our Customers’ Web Sites (Partial List)

Served and developed in whole or part by Autograph Systems
Web SiteServed Since
Autograph Systems7/1/1997
Liberty eBikes8/1/2006
Northeast Fireworks4/1/1998
QSA ToolWorks7/13/2004
Schuyler County Hi-Lites1/25/2005
Seneca County Area Shopper6/10/2010
Studio Edwards4/15/1998
Served with Assistance by Autograph Systems (colocated or otherwise)
Web SiteServed Since
Crib Notes (NICU Software)1/4/2005
Pam Pappas Realtor, Marco Isle, FL9/3/2006
Precision Packing2/4/2006
Served but not developed by Autograph Systems
Web SiteServed Since
10,000 Friends of the Coast (Maine)5/7/2011
Apple Tree English Schools12/19/2011
Buildings Inc4/4/2002
The Commons Eastport5/5/2009
Dave Bowen Photography8/28/1998
Field Reunion11/2/2009
Gaines Fly Fishing/Philips Lures/Golden Eye Lures9/3/2003
Todd Heckler Design9/28/2011
Hope Eye Care, PS8/21/2007
Kegan Law12/20/2011
Knightsbridge Piano2/1/2005
Liberty Seamless Gutters12/26/1998
Mansfield Penny Saver7/23/2004
Martin Briley11/26/2002
Printables Inc.6/26/2007
Quoddy Loop9/24/2003
Tioga County Concerned Citizens5/21/2003
TransformU Institute12/19/2011
Valley Christian Center1/3/2003
Wellsboro EMS12/31/2010
Wilcox Development Solutions12/11/2002

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