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Autograph Systems’ web hosting services (also known as “Sherwood Store”) are based on a simple premise: most companies do not need complex web sites that cost hundreds of dollars to set up and maintain. Having a web site doesn’t have to be expensive.

How do we do it? We don’t spent money on every “leading edge” technology that would enable us to offer capabilities that would be useful to a few, but that most web sites don’t need (or want). Maybe you have needs that we can’t fulfill. If so, that’s OK, and we wish you well with whatever company you choose to host your site, but if you are a small business with typical needs, we can provide the same services as the bigger firms, and provide personal service they can’t.

We’re not a big company, and we don’t pretend to be. We’re based in Mansfield, PA, a small town in Tioga County where the cost of living is low. Our servers (and your data) are managed right here: we don’t ship your data off to a nameless company in another part of the world. Should an issue arise, you can call us and talk to the person who actually maintains your servers.

Despite being based in rural Pennsylvania, you can rest assured that our internet connection is top notch. Most people don’t care about the technical stuff, but if you do, you can read about it here. The important thing to consider is that if your customers are in this area, and your data is housed here, the chances of internet traffic slowing access to your site are virtually non-existent.

We don’t claim to be an “everything you need” shop. We aren’t professional designers, so we won’t try to take over your web site and make it into what we expect it to be. It’s yours and it should be under your control. We can help you learn how to design and maintain your site yourself (it’s really not that hard) or we can recommend excellent designers to you.

The steps required to set up a new domain (or transfer an existing domain to our servers) vary based on a number of factors. When you contact us to establish your account, we will tell you what needs to be done to make the process as smooth as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Autograph Systems,
Matthew Strange
Autograph Systems

PS: Be sure to read our Terms of Service page.

PPS: Looking for references or want to test our connection speed? Visit our ever expanding customer list.

Basic Rate Services

Our basic hosting rate includes…

Rates and Discounts

Basic hosting of a commercial web site is based on a standard rate of $7/month ($84/year), with the following applicable discounts…

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress hosting rate gets you a single WordPress site, that you are free to customize in any way you desire. We won’t insert ads into your site, sell your contact information, or do anything except leave you alone. (Unless you want help, of course, at our reasonable hourly rates.)

This price does not include your annual domain name renewal fee. We can include that for an additional $12/year. ($14/yr for .org/.net domains.)

Users who want to run more than one site, or have more advanced needs, should consider…

Other Setup Costs

Other Services

Autograph Systems can assist you with any part of the web site creation and maintenance that you do not want to take responsibility for, but we must charge for the hours involved. (Remember that our pricing structure is driven by the understanding that creating and maintaining a basic website is not that difficult and that you will be more satisfied with the result if you learn to do these tasks yourself.) If you prefer to have us assist in these areas, we will gladly do so. Contact us for web service consulting rates.